Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years and Happy Tenth Post

Happy New Years Everybody! I hope you had a better New Years than me, and if not well then I'm sorry to hear that...

From now on "Humans" will be referred to as Paglins
Anyways, lets get back to business! These are Paglins the sentient race of humanoid tribes that inhabited the world before the demons emerged from the great hole in the center of their world. They are now slaves to demons and are used as sacrifices, food, soul vessels, and other things that are generally terrible. Each new game will have the player start of as a new Paglin from a random tribe, be sure to take care of your little Paglin because once they've been decapitated, dilapidated, exacerbated, lacerated... well the point is they die, they don't come back end of story.

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