Saturday, January 5, 2013

I'm Not Dead!

Woah! Not cool, I haven't made post in days! Well I was finishing up helping someone move since the internet was out, now I'm at a gas station pit stop so that's just enough time to make a post. I think it's time we talk about something serious that affects millions of people everyday and will affect millions of players in the game for sure.

Limb Loss...
Just a flesh wound!
Each body part has a certain amount of strain that it can withstand before it's torn off. Certain body parts are more vital than others. If your arm is torn off you may still have a fighting chance but you will lose your ability to wield whatever you had in that arm. If your head is torn off well then... that will certainly do it.

When a limb is torn off it takes a percentage of your max health and you will suffer a bleeding penalty. Bleeding will slowly eat away at your health until you bandage yourself up so it's always handy to keep a stack of bandages nearby. You can place your detached limb into your inventory and if you manage to find a surgeon (or are one yourself) you can attempt to reattach the limb. Limbs will decay and eventually rot, if you attempt to attach a rotten limb you may suffer infection.

Don't feel bad if you've lost a limb forever, you could always create prosthetic limbs which can replace your regular limbs, but the stats tied to that limb won't scale in level with you so you'll have to keep on crafting stronger prosthetic limbs to increase their stats. Of course you could always take someone else's limb if you're that kind of person...

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