Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Setting safe zones is key to staying alive longer that 5 minutes in this game. As you may or may not know your power level is proportional to the size of your family. Putting them in a safe place when you're about to go into a very dangerous area is a pretty good idea especially if you have members that can't defend themselves like children. Safe zones are just one of the things you can do to create a less stressful gaming experience.

To create a safe zone you must first have enough materials to build something, could be a shack, a tent, a pile of rocks(?) Then once you find a toolbox you can designate a fortified area which will become a safe zone that you can inhabit. Once created you can store family members, items, and do other stuff at these safe zones. Creating many zones throughout the world like checkpoints is a good idea, but be warned. Since these zones can be attacked by nearby enemies so it's always a good idea to build them in hard to reach areas, as well as keep more most valuable possessions closer to you so they'll be easier to monitor.

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